COSMIKAL is a certified service provider and reseller of Cendio’s product ThinLinc solution in Spain.

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ThinLinc Solution
ThinLinc Linux Remote Desktop Server is a product which enables applications and/or desktops to be deployed, managed, supported and executed from a central server. Users connect remotely using the ThinLinc client, and have their desktops and applications published as if they were being run locally.

Desktop Virtualization solution
Data, desktops and applications reside on a few central servers rather than on hundred or thousands of PCs. PCs can be replaced by simpler, less expensive and most importantly easier to manage devices. This simplifies hardware and software upgrades, desktop and application deployment, technical support, data storage and backup in a large, or even moderately sized organization.

Solución ThinLinc

Technical benefits

Management: Administrators can deploy, manage and support desktops and applications much more easily, because they are all held on a central server “farm” and managed from a single point.

Device independence: Users can access their desktop and applications from any client device.

Remote access: Users can access their desktop from anywhere, both from the internal network or over the Internet.

Performance: ThinLinc performs much better than a web application. Advanced data compression means sending screen updates between the server and client much faster.

Security: ThinLinc keeps all your data on secure servers locked away in the server room, which is far more secure the on the users desk.
Less prone to viruses and security breaches: Since the server is running on Linux it is more secure, and far less likely that a computer will be infected by a virus.

Scalability: New severs and clients can easily bee added as needed.

Increased availability: ThinLinc offers fault-tolerant and load-balancing and high-availability. Servers are inherently designed to be more reliable than average desktops.

You can find more detail information in the Cendio’s website at: